Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Off on An Adventure...

Today's the day. The BIG field trip. It's 6:30 and Hannah is already up, dressed, shoes on, bed made. Can you say excited?!?!?!

The lunches are packed in brown paper bags. The camera batteries are charged. Purse belongings converted over to purse backpack. Dinner is already thought out and just needs to be thrown into the crockpot before we leave. Even the potatoes are peeled and cubed and in a pot of water. Just in case I have no energy to think about dinner when we get home. LOL.

Rachel is spending the day with Gramma and she is soooo excited. I'm thankful that my Mom is a stay at home Mom/Gramma to be able to watch Rachel so I can go and be apart of Hannah's schooling and adventures like this. Thanks Mom!

I'm not much of a museum person. I mean, I like to go, and I like the experience. But I'm not one for standing and reading all the little plaques and stories. I realize that's part of the learning part. Today's museum adventure will be a short one due to the mid morning opening and then us needing to be back on the road to get home for the 2:15 dismissal time. Short, but sweet, and probably just about the right amount of time for me....in a museum! LOL.

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