Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Field Trip Adventures!

What an adventure it was too! All five of the third grade classes at Hannah's school went and together we took up two buses. Hannah's class had to be split between the two buses, I had a group of kids, and the teacher had a group. The bus we got...had air conditioning!!! The other bus did not. So it was a nice, enjoyable ride to and from the museum in Santa Ana. Bumpy and loud, but at least it was cool! Being a parent volunteer on this trip was a little stressful simply due to the fact that I only knew two other girls in Hannah's class. Keeping an eye on seventeen kids when you only knew three of them made for stressful times. Just another example of how splitting the classes up this year has been a bummer. In the years past, when our classes had field trips, you knew those kids even by the sight of the back of their heads. Not this time. Thankfully they were name tags when on a field trip with the name of our school, address, phone, etc. So I was able to address kids by their names, but only because of the name tags. LOL.

The exhibit was a audio tour. And personally, I think they should have had a museum docent guide us through the exhibit, talking about the displays, giving the history. I'm not sure how much the 3rd graders got out of having to listen to a tape recording and punching in the corresponding numbers to the display. One student actually admitted they had discovered the 'fast forward' button by the middle of the tour. LOL. At any rate, it was a very interesting exhibit. The detail and exquisite design from so many thousands of years ago was amazing.

After the museum, the school buses took us to a public park around the corner to eat our lunches. One of the teachers sitting across from me on the bus said this was a very nice park with nice restrooms. Just that we had to be careful and not let the kids go themselves as transients sometimes hang out at this park. I don't know what her idea of nice park restrooms are, but while the restrooms were clean, and had toilet paper (a major plus!), the individual stalls did not have doors!!! LOL. Luckily, I made it to the restrooms just in enough time before a group of students arrived! LOL.

All in all it was a great day. A new adventure for the memory books. New things learned. I am extremely thankful that I am a stay at home mom who can accompany Hannah's class on such trips. And I'm thankful I still have a stay at home mom who can watch Rachel so I can go.

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