Friday, August 29, 2008


The last few days have been filled with errands, getting groceries, an evening birthday party for a friend of Hannah's, and lots and lots of getting ready for the big party this weekend. My baby is turning 4!!!

So as if the big party day wasn't enough for this upcoming weekend, Hannah has a karate tournament tomorrow. And for any mother who has children that compete individually, you know the stress that these tournaments can bring. I want for my daughter to do her best. And when she thinks her best is good enough, and the judges don't, and she becomes upset, it affects a Mother's Heart, don't you know, and a Gramma's heart, so says both Gramma and Gramie. We're thinking with her age and her belt rank, maybe there won't be too many kids competing in her group. We'll see. But at any rate she starts competing at 2:00 and it'll be a long afternoon, that's for sure.

With Rachel's party on Sunday afternoon, and Gramie wanting to attend both the tournament and the birthday party, Gramie asked if she could spend the night with us rather than make the 40 mile drive home and back the next day. The girls are excited to have Gramie spending the night at their house.

So with the big tournament happening tomorrow, I've been trying to get things done what I could ahead of time for the party on Sunday. Cleaning, making frosting, making salsa, more cleaning. I'm currently taking a break which is why I'm blogging. :)

I'm discovering that as I get older, I have become a lot more laid back and less stressed when it comes to hosting birthday parties. I still want it all to be themed well, and perfect, but I don't get so stressed anymore, or at least I don't think so. Others may think so. :) But really, I don't think I do.

And with that, I just realized I have to leave to go pick Hannah up from school shortly and I am still in house cleaning clothes. I'm off to spray shower cleaning chemicals in the shower (afterall, the MIL is coming and she may want to shower) and go pick up the Karate Kid from school.

Happy Weekend!!

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