Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cooking Class with Friends

Last Thursday, despite having just returned home from two whirlwind adventures, I had a cooking class to go to. It was a class put on by the Women's Ministry at our church and was hosted by two friends from church. The class is part of the summer studies and the evening was limited to twenty five women, so it was real small and intimate and a lot of fun!

The theme for the evening was Mexican food and they demonstrated and prepared enchiladas, rice, beans, three different kids of salsas, and homemade tortilla chips. In addition to that, for dessert we had cinnamon crisps with an awesome fruit salsa.While I already knew how to make enchiladas, beans, and salsa, I did learn how to make spanish rice (which I made successfully two nights ago!), as well as a few tips.

I tried out the tips learned the other night when I made enchiladas and believe it or not, they were great tips and Steven and I both thought the enchiladas were better the new way!!

Thank the Lord for friends with tips for making special dishes even better!

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Liz said...

Ok, I want your salsa & the spanish rice recipe!


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