Sunday, June 8, 2008

Shopping on Amazon

I've been having difficulty finding a brownie mix I use. Steven suggested that I try Little did I know that Amazon even sold grocery items and boy was I surprised and in seventh heaven when I found the brownie mix I needed!! And even cheaper then what I had last seen it at the stores for! Whoo Hoo. So needless to say I ordered a case.

I then went on a search for other things we use regularly, for example deodorant. Steven and I both thought it was funny when we saw that the deodorant I use is indeed available on Amazon and they have "2 used and new available". Ewwwww! LOL.


Liz said...

That's a special kind of gross when people list their USED deoderant online to sell!!! Yuck!

Kim said...

Let me guess, Betty Crocker Low Fat Brownie mix? I have trouble finding it sometimes too.

I am going to see if they have my favorite laundry detergent. The stores here have recently quit carrying it. :(

Darcy said...

Yes, the BC Lowfat Brownies for the chocolate muffins I make. Staters was carrying it for 2.99 a box. Amazon has it for 1.80 a box, of course you have to buy a case, but my mom and I are going to split the box.


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