Monday, June 9, 2008

A Busy Week Ahead

I'm ready for a vacation. One where I can sit in a chair, chat with others, read, take in the beauty of God's creation. Go for a walk. Enjoy cooler temps. Sounds great doesn't it?? Sure does and we'll be on vacation soon enough. But first, I have to get through this week...

We've received three graduation announcements for this week, for four separate graduation ceremonies! Huh, you say? Three graduation announcements for four ceremonies, how does that work?!?! One of the graduation announcements is for my cousin AND her husband. They are both graduating this weekend from one of the major universities here in Southern California. Pretty cool huh?? They are also having a party on Saturday evening. One of the other graduation announcements we got was for the boy who was our ring bearer when we got married. The little kid who walked down the aisle carrying the ring pillow with fake rings is graduating from high school!! Man, does that ever make one feel old. LOL. The other one is from my other cousin who is receiving her associates degree, she's worked really hard over the last several years (she got her LVN and her RN) and I know she probably feels great to be finished with this. I should look into that, I *think* I only need two classes and I'd have my associates degree.

Rachel finishes up her preschool year this week. Where did this year go!?!?! Tomorrow is water days. She's suppose to wear her bathing suit under her clothes and bring a towel. I think she'll have a ton of fun!! And then on Thursday, they have their last day of school party, whereas they are making ice cream sundaes! YUMMO! The other room and I need to finish collecting the last of the donations tomorrow and then put our heads together and decide where we want to get gift cards for each of them. And then I'll need to go and purchase the gift cards and creatively wrap them for Thursday, when we'll give them their year end gift.

Today, my Mom and I took advantage of a one day pass to a one of those grocery warehouse stores and checked it out to see if it'd be worth splitting a membership to. Ummm, we both liked it and found things our other grocery warehouse no longer carries. We'll have to think about that membership after vacation. We also firmed up our menu for camping and divided up what each of us was bringing, etc. And then made out our grocery list. We'll go get major groceries on Friday. We're gonna have us some Good Eats! :)

In addition to grocery shopping, and gift card shopping for this week, there is Father's Day and my brothers birthday to shop for.

It's a busy week indeed!


Liz said...

Wait...I thought you were an RN before kids? And if so, how did you get an RN without having an associate's degree? I thought one went w/ the other.

Darcy said...

I have my LVN (or LPN depending on what state you are in). It was a vocational course, so I have no degree. Just a license. :)


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