Friday, May 23, 2008

"We're Not In Kansas..."

We're not in Kansas, so what's up with the tornadoes and tornado warnings here in the Inland Empire!?!?

It's so hard to believe that at the start of the week, we were melting away with a heat wave where we saw triple digits nearly every day for five days. And now, just days after that last hottest day, we see rain, hail, snow, and even a few twisters! While we missed the weird weather here at home because we were enduring the rain at Disneyland, the weather is just plain weird, even this morning.

It's Memorial Day Weekend, the first big hurrah weekend of the long summer ahead of us. And rather than deciding what cute sundress or shorts the girls will be wearing today, I'm wondering why it is that I put away all the winter clothes!?!? Oh yeah, because it's so unusual to have a high of only in the 60's in the month of May, in Southern California.

We are suppose to go to a pool birthday party on Saturday. And with more rain forecasted and thunder and lightening also in the mix, I know the birthday mom is stressing out, big time! I know, because she's emailed me for creative ideas to use because it looks like using the pool, will be out of the question...

"Unusual weather we're having, ain't it?"
~ Cowardly Lion ~

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Kim said...

THAT is a truly incredible picture for So. Cal!


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