Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Utilizing the Day Old Bread Stores

In recent months, I've really been utilizing the local day old bread store, the Oroweat and Thomas' bread store to be specific. It's an added bonus that it is also the Entenmann's outlet as well.

We have a Hostess/Wonder Outlet about a mile or two from home, but we don't eat Wonder bread products, and let's just say having access to the discount Hostess stuff was not good! We were always coming home with excess amounts of Twinkies, D*ng D*ngs, and Zingers, all for the sake of "Hannah's lunches". Ummm, yeah right.

With the prices of groceries consistently on the rise, you would be amazed at the savings when shopping at the bread outlets. For example for every $6 you spend, you get to pick something free. Usually it's a bread item, and then sometimes it's an Entenmann's product. They also offer a punch card, whereas once your card is filled, you get another item for free. If you go on Tuesdays or Thursdays, it's double punch day! Wahoo!! Today I came home with three free items.

Sometimes we can't always use all that bread when I get so many things free. So sometimes, I throw it into the back of the van and we venture to the local park and feed the ducks!

After regularly shopping the bread outlet now for the past four to five months, it kills me to have to buy bread at full price when I know I can get it a lot cheaper, usually at least 50% cheaper at the bread store.

If you have a bread outlet near you, and haven't been utilizing it, I highly suggest you try it! You'll be amazed at the savings!


Liz said...

Well, ya know...you can freeze bread! If you have too much, toss it into the freezer til ya need it.

Darcy said...

Yes, you can freeze bread. However, I have a side by side refrigerator that is a very small model (was bought in Bachelor Days) so it doesn't hold much. So I can't take advantage of it for freezing stuff like bread, much less a frozen pizza.


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