Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Starting to Plan...

It won't be long now and we'll be heading off into the hills, on a five hour drive to the Mammoth Lakes area to camp for five days. We're going to the same campground as we did last year, however, this year, my parents are having a trailer pulled into a campsite for them and will be staying a the campground rather than at a nearby condo. There is also some extended family planning to join us this year as well. It'll be a fun time.

At any rate, as the school year for Hannah is winding down (her last day is a week from tomorrow!!!), and Rachel's school year is coming to a close as well, I am starting to think about and plan meals, etc.

I'm always looking for new ideas when it comes to camp cooking, so if you have some ideas, and wouldn't mind sharing them, won't you please share them with me. :)


Kim said...

When are you going? I don't have any meal ideas, sorry. You'll have to share yours! I keep it simple (boring) with hot dogs, scrambled eggs, etc.

We're going Father's Day weekend and are looking forward to it.

Darcy said...

I know the meals I'm thinking are a lot of work, but since we don't fish, it's no big deal to cook out in the great outdoors! LOL.

Right now as far as BREAKFAST is concerned, I'm thinking:

*French Toast (Winco has this KILLER French Toast bread)

* Egg, bacon, and cheese croissant sandwiches
with hash browns??

* scrambled eggs and bacon (nothing like cooking bacon out in the open)

* Breakfast burritos - eggs, cheese, diced sausage, tortillas

Sandwiches, hot dogs, chips, fruit

* Taco Salad (this is a great first night meal you can just throw together)
* White Chili (My mom's thinking of making this)
* Steaks and diced potatoes (the night we celebrate my Uncle turning 50 and my brothers birthday)


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