Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Busy Days

I'm still here. I didn't abandon my new blog. I haven't melted in the heat wave, at least not yet anyways.

It's the end of the school year for both the girls, which mean busy times for a Room Mom. Have I mentioned before that not only am I the Room Mom for Hannah's class, but I am also the Room Mom for Rachel's preschool class?!?! Yeah, I know I'm crazy. Bit of a control freak to be perfectly honest, but I'll save that for another post.

So tomorrow is Hannah's end of the year class picnic/party. I've been planning and preparing for it for the last three weeks. And it all comes down to these final days of gathering donations, putting together prize bags for the games, and making sure I have everything I might possibly need in my boxes. I've also been finishing up the teacher's gift.

As if Hannah's year end festivities haven't been keeping me busy, myself and the assistant Room Mom for Rachel's class finally connected today and made the final plans for their class picnic party on the 5th. It was a busy morning writing a letter home detailing the party, other year end details, and then getting them into the preschoolers cubbies before pick up time. On the phone with other moms, answering emails in regards to the party tomorrow, etc, etc, etc.

See, I told you I've been busy.

I have a lot of thoughts and potential blog posts floating around inside my head (anyone else do that?!?!), so don't give up on me. Keep checking back.

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Liz said...

LOL....I knew I loved you for some reason. (I, too, am room mom for 2 of my kids' classes....and the only reason I'm not it for Savannah is b/c she's too old for them to have room moms anymore!)


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