Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back from the Mechanic

After being without my van for four days, my van was finished with all it's repairs, and we were able to pick it up last night from the mechanic.

For months and months there's been this moan, a really annoying moan. Turns out my power steering needed to be flushed and cleaned. The 'idiot light', aka check engine light has been on for months as well, we knew it was some sort of an emissions leak, once investigated, it was a pipe that was kinked and cracked, that was repaired, as was my front brakes. It's so nice to have my van back, and just in time for the weekend.

For the last four days, I've been driving the PT Cruiser to get the girls to and from school. While it's a fun little car, it is a stick shift and is a lot of work. I kept hearing the whispers of my Dad saying "Don't ride the clutch" in between every shifting of the gears. When I was first driving, my Dad had a Honda Accord that was a stick, and with every chance I got, I drove that thing. And because of my riding the clutch, it had to be replaced several times though the remainder of the years we had it.

So both of our cars have been in to the mechanic over the course of the last month with pretty pricey bills. Thank goodness the Lord provided for the repairs in the form of the stimulus check. We officially have $10.28 left!

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