Thursday, May 8, 2008

Accident on the Freeway

This afternoon, on our way home from errands, the freeway came to a slow crawl, due to an accident. It must have just happen because the ambulance and the firetrucks both passed us as we came to a stop on the freeway. We continued to crawl until we passed right by the scene of the accident.

It was an SUV on it's side.

A fireman was crawling through the back window to get to the trapped passengers.

And I saw one firemen lifting out a car seat with a child still strapped in it.

I was overcome with emotions as I saw that. Immediately I said we needed to pray. And it's a good thing the Lord can understand mumbo jumbo cause between being shaken by what I had just seen, and trying to concentrate on shifting the car into gear, I was having a hard time praying and making sense.

As I continued towards home I thought about that accident scene. Was it a mother on her way home from school?? From errands like us?? Heading to a child's sport practice?? What distracted her?? Was it one of her kids?? Was it another driver?? Was it her cell phone??

I thought about how easily we could end up like that overturned SUV. As a mom who drives her kids to and from school and here and there, there are many, many times I am a distracted driver. Distracted by the girls fighting in the backseat. Distracted by the noise and commotion. Picking up what's dropped and handing it back to Rachel, etc. On occasion, the ringing cell phone, etc. There's always a distraction of some sort.

I'm so thankful that the Lord always has His hedge of protection around our car in the midst of distracted driving. But this evening, the people in that SUV are in my thoughts and prayers...

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Kim said...

I, too, am often distracted.

We had a terrible accident here this week. A school bus full of K-3rd graders was hit by a Honda Civic. The Civic driver was killed and a couple of kids were taken to the hospital, though they ended up being fine. I have been praying for those kids (as well as the family of the driver who was killed) because I can't imagine how traumatic that must have been for them.


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