Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New School Year, New Position

Before the school year ended, the PTA board positions for the 2011-2012 had already been filled and voted upon. But two weeks after school got out, I received a text that our voted in President had to resign. Her husband who had received a pink slip at his current job, had found a job, two hours away. She was now on a mission to seek a replacement for PTA President.

Within minutes of her text I was on the phone with her asking the details of the job, specifics, etc. And then over the course of the week to follow I thought about it. Talked it over with friends at the school, with my sister in law who was the PTA President at her school last year, and then once I came to the conclusion that I was interested, I asked Steven what he thought about it all. He was very encouraging and told me to go for it.

I texted the resigning President and told her I was interested. An email had already gone out soliciting other people who were interested and no one was, so the position was looking like it was mine. It would become official once I was voted in at the Association Meeting to be held at Back to School night, which was last night.

It's now official, I'm the PTA President for the 2011-2012 school year!

Call me crazy. Call me out of my mind. But I think I can do a great job at the position. I'm a very organized person. I can delegate things well.

I'm excited about the school year ahead. Today, I put flyers in the teachers boxes to hand out to their students to take home, inviting people to join us at our meetings. I also wrote a letter to the teachers letting them know the PTA was there to help and support our teachers and that I was available for their ideas and thoughts, including my personal email address at the close of the letter.

There's a lot of changes at our school this year. We lost a lot of longtime dedicated PTA members who put many, many hours into projects and events. I'm hoping our first meeting will be filled with a lot of new faces (fresh meat as we call them!) and that our year will be a successful one!

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Letti said...

You will do great! I am excited for this year!


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