Monday, July 25, 2011

God's Hand

Have you ever gone through something and after it was all said and done, after the dust had settled, you could see God's Hand all over the situation, all over the events of the circumstances??

The day after Hannah's accident, we saw just that. We saw how the Lord's hand was all over that day...

* My parents were at the campground for the day visiting us. Had they not have been there, they would have been the first ones I had called about the accident and I know they would have been making their way to San Diego in rush hour traffic, not really knowing where to go.

* Because my parents were visiting for the day, the friends we were sharing the campsite with parked their truck out on PCH for the day so that my parents car would be right there at the campsite for them to work out of (their chairs, extra shoes, jackets, ice chest, etc, etc). And because their car was RIGHT there, it allowed us to jump right in the car and follow the ambulance right on out of the campground.

* Hannah fell off her bike in front of a campsite that belonged to friends whom we were camping with. Our friends son saw her and knew exactly where to go to get help. Had she fallen at some other location in the park, no one who knew her might have seen her, therefore we might not have been alerted as quickly as we were.

* Hannah's accident happened in front of a campsite where off duty firefighters and paramedics were camping. They were able to jump right in there and start assessing the situation, asking the right questions, giving the right instructions until the on duty medical professionals got there. They were also the ones who ultimately cut her foot free from her bike.

* Because we were camping with friends and family, all believers, they began praying as soon as the urgency of the situation came to light. I know they were praying throughout the evening as updates were texted to them, etc. I believe with all my heart, it's because of all the prayers said on Hannah's behalf that the CT Scan was negative, the foot xrays were negative, and the blood results checking for brain trauma was negative.

I know God's Hand was probably on many of the other details surrounding this accident and we may never know the others. But His hand was on the evening, and I'm so thankful, very, very thankful.

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