Monday, October 11, 2010

A Beautiful Sunday Afternoon

Our friends were camping this last weekend, down at San Elijo, where we like to camp, and most times usually all at the same time. After a couple of texted pictures and texts inviting us down, we did just that!

We got home from church, changed our clothes, ate a quick lunch, and tossed extra clothes, sweatshirts, hats, and pajamas into a bag and our chairs, beach umbrella, and an ice chest of water into the car and we were off...

Scott and Paula had said in their texts that it had been beautiful the last few days, and upon arriving, they were right. It was an absolutely gorgeous day! It was a wonderful afternoon of sitting on the beach, fellowshipping with great friends, taking in the beauty of the day, strolling the beach as the tide was getting lower and lower and there were treasures to be looked at and collected, and then eating dinner on the beach, watching the sun set. Eating dinner on the beach on a makeshift table of a boogie board positioned on an ice chest and then using a beach towel as a table cloth, we decided we need to do more dinners like this on our future camping trips. The sunset was amazing. We weren't able to see many sunsets when we camped in July, it was cloudy and overcast almost the entire week we camped. This sunset sure made up for it!After sunset, we packed up and went back to the campsite. Giving a quick shower to Rachel in Paula and Scott's trailer and dawning of the jammies, we said our goodbyes and headed for home. It was most definitely a great Sunday afternoon!

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