Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shifts Cancelled

Last week, I had one of my closing (10-6:30pm) shifts get cancelled at the local grocery store.

After reading the message board of the nurses working for the same agency, I found I wasn't the only one to have shifts cancelled. At that time, one of the nurses was told that only the closing shifts were affected. Therefore, I was feeling pretty good as the remainder of my shifts were the opening shift of 9-3.

But yesterday morning, I received an email that my remaining five shifts at the local area grocery stores had been cancelled. There simply wasn't enough people seeking out flu shots in these venues. This leaves me with only two shifts left - one is at a senior apartment complex, the other at a corporation.

I was kinda bummed. I was looking forward to bringing in some extra money. But on the bright side, I'm ahead of the game for next season if they rehire me, then I'll have an earlier chance at other clinics. And, if nothing else, like my Mom said, going through the process and getting hired and getting 'back out there' has shown me that I can do it!

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