Monday, August 23, 2010

Settling In

We've been back in school now for three full weeks and I think we're settling in...

...Settling in to getting up and out the door every morning.

..Settling in to the afternoon routine of homework, reading, and making dinner.

...Settling in to an evening routine of baths and to bed on time.

...And settling in to the new responsibilities I took on this year at the school.

As the schools' Box Tops for Education coordinator, I think I've figured out my groove of checking my box every other day or so, counting, bundling, and keeping track of how many Box Tops the classes have brought in. And rewarding teachers when they reach 300. On Friday, I collected 1500 Box Tops! That's a whole lot of Box Tops!

We had our first PTA Board Meeting last week and there was a lot to take minutes on and keep straight and stay on top of. But I came home that night and typed up my minutes and they are all ready to be copied and taken to next months meeting for approval.

Yep, we're definitely settling in.

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