Friday, August 20, 2010

I Applied for a Job!

The 5th Grade at our school is possibly going to Washington DC next May and I really, really, really want to go. Aside from the fact that I wouldn't want to send Hannah across country on her own (her father doesn't have a problem with it), but I would LOVE to see our nations capital and all the history of our Nation. I love U.S. History. In order for us both to go, I most definitely would need to come up with money for me to go.

For those who may not know, I actually am a Licensed Vocational Nurse, but I've not worked a single day as a nurse since October 1999, when I quit working as I was three months pregnant with Hannah. However, I've kept up with my nursing license and I do my continuing education and to renew my license, etc. It's a good job to fall back on if I ever had to go back to work, or if something ever happened to Steven. It can also pay great, which is why I've been looking online, looking on craigslist, etc.

Last night while browsing on Craigslist, I found it! There was a listing for the need for nurses for immunizations/vaccines clinics which is seasonal, September to December. Upon doing further research into it, the places they are looking for nurses to hold these vaccination clinics is none other than our neighborhood friendly grocery store chain!!! And it's not just any grocery chain, it's the grocery chain my Dad has worked at for over 40 years!!

So what did I do?? I applied online for the job. The first job I've applied for since October 1995! They offer all kinds of shifts with the possibility of staying at just one location, etc. And a few of the locations are right here in our backyard! It actually would be perfect for me. It's seasonal. Pays $20.00 an hour. Is fairly close to home. And I'd be in a safe environment doing something I used to love doing when I worked as a nurse - administering injections!

Now we'll wait and see if and when they contact me. And in the meantime, if the school doesn't get enough interest in the Washington DC trip, then I've lost nothing and perhaps would still take a shift or two to help with medical bills that will come our way after Rachel's surgery.

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Wow! How exciting!!


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