Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sisterhood Evening

There is a pastor and a church that has come beside our church and our pastor. They are a great support to us and we hope we are to them.

Last Friday evening, their women's ministry put on a "Sisterhood Evening" and invited our Pastor's wife and some of the leaders wives to attend as their guests. What an amazing and fun evening!

The seven of us women carpooled in Betina's SUV. We stopped for dinner together and then headed out to to the church. We were greeted outside the door by young girls dressed in fancy tutu's and bedazzled shirts and welcomed with smiles. Just inside the door was this beautiful table. We were taken to a table that was beautifully, and simply, decorated with pink napkins and sparkle gems spread about, and a brown box in the middle of the table with a word painted in pink. Our word was "FRIENDS" and it fit perfectly.We were told by one of the table hostesses that there was a pampering station off to one of the sides of the room and we made our way over. There, we found a few chairs and some of the women ready to give hand massages with pretty smelling lotions from Bath and Body Works. Anna enjoyed this station a little longer than the rest of us. LOL. The evening consisted of yummy desserts, worship, a great message by the Pastor's Wife, and what women's event wouldn't be complete with giveaways and party favors! It was a great evening, a true blessing. And the ride home was a lot of fun too, we laughed and laughed, and laughed even harder when we taught Betina (our Pastor's wife) what a Chinese Fire Drill was and performed the act on a side street on our way home. LOL.

It was a great evening and I'm so glad to have been able to be a part of it!

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