Friday, April 2, 2010

Costco Cookbook

The weekend following Thanksgiving, Costco hands out cookbooks to their members. This last year is the second year I've gotten the cookbook and boy are there some GOOD looking recipes in there! The ones I have tried thus far (between the two cookbooks) are VERY good.

The recipes in the cookbook are all based on ingredients and products that can be purchased at Costco. But you can pick up the ingredients at any grocery store and just follow the recipe.

You can check out the current cookbook online and browse through the recipes.


I just happen to have an extra cookbook I'd be happy to give away!

All you have to do is leave a comment in the comment section telling me whether or not you plan your menu's.

On April 10th, I'll place the names into a hat of all who've entered and will draw a name for the cookbook! And then you too can start making some of these yummy recipes!

***Edited to Add, April 13. So after only receiving two comments - one via email, and one left here, the winner of the cookbook is Kim. I'll be mailing it off to you next week! :)


Kim said...

Starting to do give-aways, eh? Well, you know me, I'm always wanting something for free! Yes, I plan my menus. :)

(I saw another blog giving this away recently too. Interesting.)

Darcy said...

LOL Kim. So far, your odds of winning are GREAT!!! :)

Kim said...

Whoo-hoo! My losing streak is over! I got the book this week, Darcy. Thanks so much!

Did you see I won a netbook yesterday!? And today I won four tickets to a Beavers (our minor league baseball team) game next Sunday!

Also, I will be sending your special bookmark soon. :)


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