Friday, March 5, 2010

Attendance Recognition

Sadly, despite having excellent State test scores, wonderful parent involvement, etc, our school really has a big problem with attendance, tardies, and early dismissals.

As a result, this last trimester, a new program has been created to help promote the importance of being in school, on time, everyday, for the full day. Awards and prizes will be given at each grade level.

I'm proud to say that both our girls came home with letters yesterday stating that they will be recognized at a special attendance assembly next Friday. Not only have they not missed a day of school for the trimester that just ended, but they were always on time, and were never signed out early. Their chances of winning something 'good' at the assembly are good. In Rachel's class, there were only two of the twenty that qualified, and in Hannah's class there were only three of thirty three that qualified. Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if the numbers fell like in all the classes. It'll definitely be interesting to see just how many kids are recognized at next weeks' assemblies.

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