Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Special People

Do you ever encounter 'special people' through out your day? You know, the types of people who don't think that the rules, or laws, apply to them?

I come across 'special people' frequently through out the week, and unfortunately, I even know some kids who could fall into this category.

Here's an example of special people...

School dismissal in the afternoons are crazy. You have 750+ students getting out out of school with about 1/4 of those kids getting picked up by parents, day care providers, grandparents, etc. The parking in the front of the school is minimal and crazy, therefore I pick Hannah up on the backside of the school, which is less crazier than the front, but still crazy.

I get to the side street about 30 minutes before school gets out. I park in a place where I can watch the kids finishing up their school day with one last recess, and watch the kids being dismissed. I have a friend who also picks up her children on the back side and often we're in each others cars chatting and visiting, so I really don't mind the waiting. It's a chance to sit and take a break before the afternoon chaos of homework, dinner, and nightly routine starts in.

And everyday, we sit in amazement, watching as the 'special people' pull up and park on the red curb, or park crossing over the fields driveway. Or in this case, there's this car, who obviously because he's pictured above, is a routine special person, who is not only parking on the red curb in this picture, but believe it or not, he's parked on the red curb smack dab in the middle of a three-way stop intersection!!It's so frustrating to see people swoop in and park where they aren't supposed to! It's not like there's no parking available, there is. You either have to get there early and claim a good spot like I do, or simply walk a block. It's just amazing how easily breaking the law comes to people.

Now if you excuse me, I must go and get in position for my spot and watch for today's special people. :)


Letti said...

LOL taht is why I now pick up at the swing. I wish a cop would come by ;)

Darcy said...

I watched you through my rear view mirror yesterday parking back there. LOL.

Last week, there was a GT Sheriff at the front of the school with his speed radar gun pointing down GT Road and catching people speeding down that way. I stopped and talked to him one day when he was out there when Rachel got out at 11:34. I told him about the goings on behind the school. That day, he came back there, parked where he wasn't obvious and kept telling people they couldn't park on the red curb, etc. He was only issuing warnings. I wish he'd have issued tickets instead....


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