Monday, February 22, 2010

Girl Stuff

This post is about hormones and periods. If that's TMI (too much information) for ya, then check back another day for a new post title. LOL.

Last Fall, I went off the birth control pill. I was first placed on the pill 14 years ago, just a few months prior to Steven and I getting married. And with the exception of being off the pill the two times of trying to get pregnant, and then through my pregnancies, I've pretty much been on the pill for over ten years.

We knew we were done having children. We've been done. But last Spring, we took permanent measures and thus I was able to get off the pill. I knew, based on the complicated mess my periods were before going on the Pill, and the two times of going off, that it'd be a mess now that I was off the pill for good. I've alwaysI had trouble getting my period regularly. I could go 35-45-60 days and even longer.

When I saw my GYN in October, she gave me a prescription for some hormones to take ten days out of the month and as a result, it would induce my period. Well, the holidays came and who wants to be miserable with cramps and achy legs during the holidays? So I didn't take the drug. The beginning of February it was approaching 3 months since my last period and I thought it was time to go ahead and take the medication and 'clean house' so to speak.

So Aunt Flo came to visit last week, and she was not a very nice visitor. But over this last weekend, I was an emotional mess. I was constantly on the brink of an emotional meltdown most of Friday night and Saturday morning. I took Calcium (my GYN told me Calcium can naturally be calming). I took Magnesium (another natural calming and relaxing mineral). I texted a friend and asked her to pray for me. And I finally resulted to taking a lose dose anti-anxiety medication. Ahhh, once everything kicked in, it was sweet relief from the cursed hormones. I continued taking calcium and magnesium the rest of the weekend and today, I feel so much better.

I think it's a combination of things - off the Pill, not regularly getting any extra hormones and I'm getting older. I'm approaching the age that my Mother was when she had a hysterectomy. In my family, there's a history of the women folk and hormone issues. And I guess I'm not going to escape it. Stupid Hormones. I bet hormones wouldn't be so stupid if Eve hadn't have messed it all up by partaking from the forbidden fruit!!!

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Joy Howse said...

I really do pray that you can get things figured out and under control. I will say that one blessing of the whole uterine rupture and subsequent emergency hysterectomy after Aiden's birth is the lack of periods now, though I still have a slight surge in hormones and almost feel like I am ovulating since I still have my ovaries, at least I don't have to go through the whole visitor part of it. My prayers are with you and the docs that they will come up with a solution. Darn that Eve!!!!!!!


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