Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Day of Sun!

Today, the first day in almost a week, we woke up to sun! Sun that stayed with us all day long! The skies were blue, there were some clouds scattered about, but the sun was out and shinning brightly, starting to dry out what a weeks worth of rain has left behind.

Early afternoon, I picked up a friend and we snapped a couple pictures from the local bluffs overlooking the Inland Empire. And then we proceeded out to the Super Walmart about 20 miles away. All the way in marvel of the snow capped mountains that were parallel to the freeway. The mountains were beautiful, the snow was low. Everything looked so crisp and clean.
The local news van finally made its way down from Big Bear this morning. There was snow atop of his van. And the newscaster I've been watching online was sitting inside the news van.Only in California will you see palm trees and snow capped mountains in the background. I took this for my friend Karen, in Maryland, who I knew would get a kick out of it. After five full days of straight rain, although I loved all the rain, it was nice to see the aftermath of what this weeks storms left for us. It most definitely was a beautiful, beautiful day the Lord blessed us with.

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Letti said...

Today was beautiful. I loved seeing the white mountains next to the bright blue skies. The weather is so nice in southern California.


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