Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Croc Blowout!

I know a lot of people think Crocs are the most hideous show that is possibly made. And while they aren't the most attractive shoe made for man and woman, I LOVE them for my kids. They are great for slipping on, GREAT for camping at the beach, and for taking showers in public shower, just to name a few.

Currently, here in the Inland Empire, Crocs is hosting a warehouse blowout sale! And today, after I picked up Hannah from school, my Mom, the girls and I, headed out to the sale as it began this afternoon. The sale is located inside an old Circuit City building, so that should tell you how large the room is. Upon entering the doors, the employees had you a giant trash bag for your shopping convenience. Within steps of the door I was overwhelmed. Where do I start?? Which ones do I want? Do I choose? What about the girls?!?! What sizes will they be in a year from now??
The Crocs were being sold for $10, $15, some as low as $5. They didn't just have your normal Crocs, they had the ones with the lining inside (the Mammoths), they had flip flops, sandals, Disney crocs, you name it. I walked out of there with five pairs of shoes for under $50.00!!!!

The sale is expected to go on for another week or two, and rumor has it, they lower the prices as their time in the area comes to an end. Mom and I are thinking we'll have to make another trip and stock up for next Summer!

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Joy Howse said...

Email me with the location. I LOVE crocs for my kiddos. They wear them all the time when they need to slip in and out of shoes since I don't allow shoes in the house. LOVE THEM!! (even tough they aren't the cutest thing I have ever seen) :)


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