Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thankful for My Annual Pass

For some you reading this post, you may think it's terribly silly that I am thankful for my Disneyland Annual Pass. But if know me, you truly know me, you know how much usage I get out of my annual pass and how much I really do enjoy it.

Steven and I have been annual passholders for 13 1/2 years. And on average, I go about 20-30 times a year. There was that year or two I hit 36 times, LOL, but that just shows how much I enjoy my pass.

Going to Disneyland can put me in a good mood if I'm in a blah mood, helps with the Mommy frustrations when we're off track, is a fun place to go and walk and people watch, and it's a place where all the stresses and anxieties of the world, or my life, can be left at the gates and forgotten about just for a while...and for all of that, I'm thankful I have an annual pass and can go 320 days of the year!


Letti said...

I agree!

♥Mimi♥ said...

My gosh, I haven't even been there once! You truly are fortunate.