Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thankful for Modern Conveniences

So if you've been following Leah's blog and her lists of things she's thankful for, you'll know that I stole this idea from her. I too am thankful for modern conveniences.

We had family with us all of Sunday afternoon and into the evening. And I didn't want to tackle the dishes while they were here, I wanted to visit with them. The dishwasher did most of the work, really. And for that I'm thankful.

Mondays are usually my catch up and clean up day from the weekend. Usually, I'm working in the classroom in the morning, but I had all day yesterday to tackle the laundry and I'm happy to report that as of bedtime last night, all three hampers were empty, and all the clean laundry was folded! And as of an hour ago, it's all put away too!!! Thank goodness for my washer and dryer! I can't imagine scrubbing laundry by hand and then hanging it out to dry.

The next few nights as I don't really need to prepare "real dinners", I'll be thankful for that modern convenience of the microwave and how it'll cook dinner in the form of, taquitos, chicken nuggets, and maybe even quesadillas. :)

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