Friday, October 16, 2009

An Old Fashioned Harvest Party

This evening, we participated in a good old fashioned Harvest Party. A family in our church came up with the idea and opened their home, and then there were seven moms who each manned a table with an activity or craft and then gave a treat or prize at the competition of our activity.

I chose to carve out a pumpkin and put a tea light inside it and the kids had to squirt out the tea light with a water bottle! I carved out a Mickey Mouse head, rather than go with a Jack-o-lantern face. And my prize was a candy corn sugar cookie that I made and decorated and wrapped up individually! My table was a huge hit and the kids, and some adults, kept coming back to play again and again. Because it was a Harvest Party, dressing up as friendly scarecrows was encouraged and everyone did a great job at dressing up!! There was a table for having your face painted like a scarecrow. And now that I think about it, I think myself and Anna were the only adults to get our face painted. We were cute, or at least we thought so! Some of the other tables included wrapping up an apple in carmel and then adding your own candy embellishments. A table for root bear floats and purple cows (vanilla ice cream with grape soda). Fabric pumpkin making, scarecrow lollypop making, a table for coloring your treat bag, a table to color a booklet on the Parable of the Pumpkin. There were hot dogs and hot apple cider and lots and lots of scarecrows sitting around the yard as well as pumpkins. There were no ghosts, witches, or other evil things of this season, it was all fun and in good taste.


Joy Howse said...

Sounds like a great evening. Your pumpkin looks great. Go figure, a Mickey. :) love it! Our church will be doing a harvest festival on the 30th with pretty much the same concept. Should be a fun time.

Liz said...

How fun! Wish I lived closer & could come to play, too!


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