Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No Fail Fish

A few months back, after the fish tank sat without fish for well over a year, I emptied it, cleaned it, set it all back up again, and let it sit for about a week before we made a trip to PetSmart to get fish. We all picked out our favorites and happily came home to put the fish into our tank. We enjoyed them for a week or two, and then slowly they all started to die off. I took several back to PetSmart and come to find out they'd advised us too many fish in our tank. So the tank sat empty again. Sad and looking lonely.

A week or two ago, I emptied the tank out once again, cleaned it all up nice and shiny. And I put some "No Fail Fish" in the tank for us to enjoy for many, many weeks, months, and possibly years to come....Pretty cleaver, huh?


Joy Howse said...

Cute idea! Those are my kind of fish, no cleaning needed. :)

Liz said...

Pretty cute!! :)


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