Friday, June 19, 2009

A Saddened Heart

Next to Steven, my Mom is my best friend. She was always home for us kids growing up. Even to this day, at my age, I am so thankful that I still have a Stay At Home Mom. I absolutely could not imagine my life without her and it would be by God's Grace, and knowing that she was in a bette place, that I would be able to carry on, but it would be very, very difficult.

Which is what leads me to this post.

A few months ago, long story short, the Lord had the paths of my Mom and a woman at her church to cross. Her daughter in law, Kelly, was pregnant with their first baby who had just discovered on ultrasound their newborn son would be born with a cleft lip. That is how I came to know Kelly. I visited her in the hospital, and we've corresponded through email. I've tried to be a great encourager to her as I've walked the road she is just now starting out on. This last Tuesday, was her baby Gavin's lip repair. I know all too well the emotions and anxieties that come with having a baby who's had surgery and now is in the recovery phase. It's hard under normal circumstances.

On Wednesday, Kelly's normal circumstances all changed. Her mother was killed in a small plane crash, locally. Kelly's life as she knew it at the beginning of the week will never be the same.

I'm sad for Kelly. She was close to her Mom, just as I am close to my own mom. She talked with her Mom everyday. She got the normal new Mommy advice from her Mom. She got general everyday advice from her mom.

I cannot even begin to imagine the emotions she is facing. And I pray, I won't have to anytime soon.


Liz said... sad. I'll add her to my prayer list.

Patty said...

This family has touched my heart from the first day Gavin's Grandma told me about him.
I am really at a loss at what to respond to this post..sniff.

Love, Mom


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