Monday, June 22, 2009

Disneyland Today

For the last nine years, I've been able to go to Disneyland during the week.

When Hannah was a baby, there was not a single thing that needed to be worked around in making a mid-week jaunt to my Happy Place.

And when she started preschool, we just avoided going on the days she was in preschool, or went when she got out at noon.

Then Hannah started Kindergarten, and as my Mom reminded me this afternoon, we would sometimes go when she got out of school at 11:30 for the afternoon and evening.

Then she started 'real' school, whereas she went all day long until 2:30. But that was okay, it didn't take long before I realized me and Rachel could go to DIsneyland just the two of us and be back in time to pick Hannah up from school!!

Then two years ago, Rachel started preschool, we didn't go the days she was in school. But that's okay, we still were able to make our "just Mommy and Rachel' trips on non preschool days, the three other week day days.

That will all change come August 4th.

Rachel starts Kindergarten. Half day Kindergarten. Gone are the days that it'll just be me and Rachel going to Disneyland. Or just me and one kid while the other is in school trips. I'm hoping that since Kindergarten pick up is so easy, that I'll be able to convince my Mom to pick up Rachel from school from time to time so that I could go to my Happy Place for a few hours. LOL. I've already been told it's a possibility with the price being payable by 'caramel apple'. LOL.

So Rachel and I went to Disneyland today. Just the two of us. One last time. And once again, a new season has turned. And it's on to a new season.


Letti said...

I remember those days of doing things like this. It was so nice just to get up and go. If I wanted to visit family I could do that to and I wouldn't have to worry about getting back for anything. Those days are long gone for me. With two kids in traditional and two in year round it makes it even harder. I can't wait until next monday at 2:30 because this is the only time that our family gets time off together.

Liz said...

Well ya know....there are bound to be school holidays & teacher work days that y'all could still use to pull off a weekday trip to DL! :)


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