Monday, May 11, 2009

The Weekend in Review

It's Monday again.

Why is it the weekends seem to go by so quickly? This past weekend was a full one once again.

Friday afternoon, following school, me and the girls went to my friend Anna's house to help with food preparation for the tea on Saturday. We diced, chopped, and diced some more. We made chicken salad for sandwiches and made this really yummy cream cheese spread for tortilla spirals. It was a great time of fellowship and the kids all enjoyed playing together. This picture was taken of me and Anna at the tea, I love this picture. It's actually a good picture of the both of us. On Saturday, there was the Mother/Daughter Tea. Following the tea, Steven's mom spent the remainder of the afternoon and evening with us. Hannah got her birthday presents from Gramie and we went to dinner, followed by girls and Gramie watching a movie.

Sunday morning was church. The whole service was dedicated to mother's. Following the service, the men put on a nice brunch in honor of all the moms. They did a great job and everything tasted pretty good. The fellowship that follows brunch or lunch at the church is always good, sitting around, talking, enjoying one another's company.

Late Sunday afternoon, my entire family - parents, brother, sister-in-law, nieces, and us, all met at The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. My brother and Dad got there and got our name in around 3:00. We were seated just under two hours later. But the food and our time together was great. The cheesecake that Steven and I enjoyed later in the evening while watching the season finale of The Amazing Race was a great too!

Following dinner, we went and met the newest member of the family. Molly. She's 8 weeks old and is soft and just the cutest thing. It's my brother and sister-in-laws new chocolate lab puppy! We had warned our girls in the car about being jealous, not asking if we could get a puppy, etc, etc, etc. But once Steven and I saw Molly, we were in awe of cute that lil puppy was, and borderline thought perhaps we'd want one. She was springy. She was cute. She has the most lovable face. Almost had me wanting a dog... ...But then I remembered that Grace was up every three hours the night before with the crying puppy, and that upon coming home from dinner, Molly had gotten out of her kennel and managed to have some accidents around the house and got into the laundry. Yea, as cute as she is, I'm not ready for any of that. I think we'll just make more visits to my brother's house. LOL.

So it's Monday again, and there is laundry to be done. It's a good thing that Hannah got clothes from Gramie for her birthday on Saturday, and could wear a new outfit to school today, everything else she owns appears to be in the hamper! LOL. Have a great day!


Letti said...

That puppy is adorable but your right they are a lot of work. They look cute but then when you get them home the cuteness wears off. I am glad to hear hat your weekend was fun. Now its back to the daily things. I am busy with laundry and cleaning too.

Joy Howse said...

Sounds like a crazy busy weekend as usual. The puppy is adorable. reminds me of a funny story of Andrew's. We had gone to the shelter to get a chocolate lab and when we got there they only had yellow labs. So, on the way home with our newest member of the family, Sally, a yellow lab, he said. "I really wanted a chocolate one but I guess I like banilla (he couldn't say his v's for the longest time) too."

Carolyn said...

Getting a puppy is like having a newborn all over again, but thankfully their babyhood is much shorter overall AND you can put them in the backyard and shut the door (can't exactly get away with that one with a newborn hehe). A hot water bottle under the bedding in her crate, and a cheap ticking clock both worked wonders on the whining at night. She was lonely for her mama and her littermates, poor thing)


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