Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday's Thoughts...

Today was day 4 of setting up and providing a nice breakfast buffet for our preschool teachers. The support and outpouring of home baked goodies, as well as store bought, from the preschool families has been overwhelming. The teachers have very much appreciated the spoiling they've gotten thus far and I think today was the best yet. Today's table theme was a Garden theme (I'll share pictures soon). I've been going straight to the preschool every morning after dropping Hannah off at school and setting up the tables. It'll be nice when we get back to our normal next week. Myself and the other Mom who's coordinated all this did get a nice basket of flowers today as thank you from the director, that was nice!

So yesterday afternoon held quite the event for us, Hannah had four teeth pulled. There are pictures and details on her blog. My hate for the going to the dentist is lessening in recent months, especially since my last visit was so 'memorable'. LOL. Both our girls have long roads ahead of them dental wise and I pray I can be a good example and a good support when we are at appointments.I will admit, I had to look away when Dr Hoffer pulled out her tooth extracting tool and started going to town on Hannah's mouth. No thanks. LOL.

The last few days have been HOT here in Southern California and it just confirms that summer is around the corner. It's been 95+ the last couple of days and it shows no cooling down for the Mother's Day weekend. I CAN'T wait to go camping at the beach over Memorial Day Weekend.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Licehead , the child in Rachel's preschool class was sent home with Lice on Tuesday...AGAIN! Hello! This is at least the 4th or 5th time she's been sent home in the last two months! Thankfully she wasn't in class today. But there's always Tuesday for trying to sneak her back in!

Tonight starts a new Bible Study at our church, The Truth Project, and Steven and I are going together. I'm looking forward to going. Although, I hope someone remembers to get there early and turn on the air conditioning, or it'll be be uncomfortable. LOL.

Well, it's that time again. To load up into the car and go wait for Hannah to get out of school. I haven't heard from the school today, so she must be doing well. Although, she's not going to be happy to hear that her dentist just called and her impression broke this morning and she'll need to re-do it!

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