Saturday, April 25, 2009

Old Guys Rule!!!

This afternoon, family and friends gathered together to celebrate my Dad's birthday. He turns 60 this coming Tuesday. My Mom has been racking her brain for months as to what we could do to celebrate this momentous occasion and what we had was an "Old Guys Rule" birthday bash!Mom put a lot of thought into some things that would make the party special and themed just perfect for my Dad, in her creativeness, she put out all kinds of his favorite snacks and candies - Peanut M&Ms, dry roasted peanuts, Boston Baked Beans, jars of licorice, his favorite soda - Squirt, baskets of Fritos. It was fun and creative!Some longtime family friends, who are also Mom and Dad's card playing friends, joined us for this special occasion. It was a great afternoon of cards, playing Guitar Hero, the girls playing, Uncle Bart teaching the girls Checkers. We all were having a great time, just relaxing and fellow-shipping. On the menu for dinner - Mom's famous Spaghetti, an awesome salad, and killer bread. Gramma had a few helpers in the kitchen with the bread!After the great dinner, and some clean up, we sat around chatting some more and reading over the list of things that my Mom and I had come up with the last couple of days. A list of 60 Random Things. It was funny and quite a few laughs were my Dad's expense.
Dad with his Mom.
Next was gifts. Dad got some things he wished for - like a new shovel and an 50 foot extension cord, he got a digital frame already loaded with 75 pictures of family to place on his desk at work, some cool "Old Guys Rule" shirts, and a couple gift cards!The cake was the last of the planned festivities, Dad's favorite of course, a chocolate cake with white frosting. I tried a new frosting recipe and LOVED it! It was a buttercream frosting and it was just as easier to decorate with as it was yummy. I cut the cake into layers and made a chocolate chip buttercream filling and that made the cake even more special!Yes, we put 60 candles on the cake. And by the time we had them all lit, sung Happy Birthday, and Dad blew out the candles, the candles were but small stubs of wax. LOL.
Check out Rachel and McKenzie in the background
'helping' Papa blow out the candles.
Papa and his granddaughters.

My Dad and Mom. I LOVE, LOVE this picture!
It was a fun afternoon with family and a great time of games and fellow-shipping. It's hard to believe the big celebration has come and gone and in just a few days my Dad will be "halfway to 120!"


Letti said...

What a great birthday party. I am glad you guys all had a great day.

Joy Howse said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your dad!! Your cake sounds YUMMY!! And, old guys do rule. Dale turns 40 this year but you would think he was turning 90 with the way he has moaning about his b-day. Hopefully he will have an attitude adjustment before the 16th.

Liz said...

Ok, I have got to ask---what is the recipe for "killer" bread? I'm assuming it's garlic bread to go w/ the spaghetti, but how does she make it?

Dad said...

Darcy, Thanks for all the work you and Mom did for my birthday party. I had a great time. I am blessed.

Love Ya, Dad


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