Saturday, April 4, 2009

A New High School

This morning, the girls and I attended the ground breaking ceremony for the new local high school.

This new high school is being built in the community in which I grew up in, where my parents still live to this day. For many, many years our community was promised a high school. There was a time in which there was the thought it would be built in time for me and all the other kids in our community to go to. It never happened. I've been out of high school seventeen years this year, so that tells you how long the community has been waiting.

This high school is going to be NICE! All state of the art classrooms and equipment, etc. It's supposed to be a technology magnet school, which means if our current school district continues to grant our inter district transfers every school year, Hannah will hopefully attend this school as a freshman in 2014.

It's unfortunate, but alongside of all the excitement of finally having a high school of 'our' own, there is some controversy that has come about. The controversy is not over building the school, not the location, but the name of the school.

The residents and people of the community and school district have voted on one name, while the school board members held their own vote and went against the will of the people. Instead of naming the new school after the community, the school has been named after a man who served 25+ years on the school board. This has caused a HUGE uproar among the community and petitions and protests and things are being done to change the school name.

At this mornings ground breaking ceremony, there were many, many signs and t-shirts displaying the desire for the name change. Some signs even calling for the recall of the elected school board members who voted against what the people wanted. Hopefully voices will be heard. The names on petitions will be accounted for, and the name of the school will be changed to what it should be, after the community in which it will stand.

*** When/if leaving comments, if you wish for your comments to appear, please refrain from being specific on the name of the community and high school in which I am referring to. While my general location might be able to be narrowed down, I try to avoid being specific with our school and community names when posting on all my blogs. Thanks! ***


Joy Howse said...

Well, if they are breaking ground now then there is hope that it will be ready in time for Hannah to go there. They seem to take YEARS and YEARS to finish them with the whole funding issues.

Darcy said...

The school is slated to open for the 2011 school year!

Letti said...

It is very sad isn't it. Thanks for the pictures. I wasn't there because we were on vacation.


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