Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Root Canal Experience

Yea, let's just start out with warning you all that I am still under the influence of some narcotics and I'm still fuzzy headed from time to time. That alone should clue you into how my appointment went.

I have been busy for days leading up to today, which I think helped me not to think about it. If you remember, I have a high anxiety level when it comes to dental appointments. But I went into my appointment feeling pretty good. It was the Peace of the Lord, I'm sure.

They got me into the chair, got situated with my iPod and my worship music, and they went to town numbing me. Then my dentist explained to me that she needed to put a rubber dam up for my safety due to the medications and stuff they'd be using. She put it on and panic set in. There was too much in my space and I was on the verge of loosing it. She took it out and said the only other way she could do it is if they knocked me out, but that would have to be done another day because I had no driver with me (see, I thought it'd all be okay and I would go and come home on my own). I welled up in tears and explained that I was here now and it had to be done and that I'd try it again. Both my dentist and her assistant were so caring and full of compassion. They had the medications to do the procedure on me, however I would need a driver to come pick me up. So I called Steven, and it was arranged that he'd come for me when they called him and said I was ready to be picked up. I called my Mom to have her ready to go get Hannah from school. My bases were covered.

They gave me the pills to take, and then placed one under my tongue. I got re-situated with my ipod and my favorite worship songs playing. I think it took about 45 minutes for it all to kick in. They kept monitoring my blood pressure, which was extremely high following my break down and panic attack, but over time it came down and I became more and more relaxed. They started the procedure and just as my dentist said, I wouldn't have a care in the world. I fell asleep. I remember a few things.

But it's over.

It's behind me.

I'm not in any pain (but will take some Motrin soon to help ward any oncoming pain off).

And I don't remember much of the procedure. And in the future, if I have to have any major work done again, THIS is the route I will go, only next time I will bring a driver with me. :)


Joy Howse said...

So glad to hear that it is all behind you. My root canal will be next Tues. The pain got so bad on Monday that I finally called for an emergency appt at loma linda. They got me in that afternoon. 4 hours later, an exam, x-ray, drilling, evaluation, and temp filling placed it was decided to go ahead with the root canal this coming week. Not looking forward to it at all but glad that the intense pain is gone for now (some residual pain still tonight). Wish I could go the sleeping route. I would have all the work completed in one shot and then be done with it all. Might need to look into that. I am sure my insurance would laugh at me.
Well, here's to no more root canals for either of us. :) Have a blessed night.

Letti said...

I am so glad that your dentist was compassionate. I do not like going to the dentist either. I am glad that everything worked out.

Liz said...

I'm glad it's over & done with! (& I know you are too!)

Darcy said...

Joy - chances are your insurance might not cover the meds. I was given whatever it was in pill form. WHich is generally CHEAPER than putting in an IV. Check into that. But I say, if it's $50 and you can get Dale to drive you, then pay it, I so totally don't remember much today. LOL.


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