Monday, March 30, 2009

Have You Seen My Dog?

Our phone rang a while ago, and thanks to Caller ID, the information said "FIND TOTO" with a phone number with a Los Angeles area code.

I went ahead and answered it.

It was a recorded message stating that a neighbor in our area had lost their dog. The recording gave details as to what the dog looked like, it's breed, it's name, and how to get in contact with it's owner.

The recording also said you could review details on their website And sure enough, I typed in our zip code and there was all the information I'd just heard about on the recorded call we had just received!!

Steven and I were busting up over this website. It's a brilliant idea. But it was a bizarre phone call to say the least.

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Joy Howse said...

that is crazy. i do hope they find toto soon.


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