Friday, February 27, 2009

Grocery Day!

It's the end of the month and today was payday, which in turn means a MAJOR grocery shopping trip is needed. For the last couple of days, we've been skimping by on breakfast foods. We were out of just about everything and everyone was waiting for this day to come, when the house would once again be stocked with food.

I've been making a menu, and then in turn making a list of things we needed to make those meals. It's SOOO much easier to shop for groceries when I plan ahead and make a menu and then a list off the menu. I don't always stick to what's slated for the night, but I always have the ingredients to make all the meals I've planned for.

I have all these groceries and 'nothing good to eat'. I bought no chips, no crackers, no cookies, no ice cream (it would have melted, we weren't coming straight home). Ever feel like that after getting groceries???

Anyways, off to put tonight's dinner together...


Kim said...

LOL...that's what I've been doing yesterday and today also, menu planning! I am so tired of all the usual stuff I make, so I made up four weeks of menus of mostly new things to try. I also don't stick to the day I planned to make something, but it's nice having meals planned and food ready when you decide to make it, huh?

Letti said...

I feel that way after coming home from Costco. I get all the big things but it seems like I am always missing just one or two ingredients for what I want to make.