Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things

There's this survey going around on Facebook. I've been tagged half a dozen times and thought I'd better particpate. So I did and now I'm sharing it here as well. So for those of you who are my Facebook friends, please pardon the repeat of knowledge.

1. I have never lived more than 20 miles from the home in which I grew up in. And I've only lived in three places...my parents home until I married. Steven's condo when we got married, and then our current home.

2. I have never been out of the country.

3. I broke my collar bone when I was in preschool. I broke the same collar bone rollar skating when I was in Junior High. It's the only bone I've ever broken.

4. I was born in the exact same hospital I had my first child in.

5. After High School, I went on to become a nurse. I am a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN). And despite the fact that I haven't worked as a nurse in 9 1/2 years, I keep my license current and active. I worked waaaaay toooo hard to let that go to the wayside. It's also a great job if I ever had to go back to work.

6. I took fertility drugs to get pregnant with Hannah. Expected I would have to for another, but nope, my pregnancy with Rachel was completely a surprise and a total blessing.

7. I met my husband at The Singles Ministry of our old church. The Singles Ministry Pastor married us.

8. I went to Hawaii when I was 18 with the high school ministry at Harvest and stayed at YWAM. We street witnessed at night on the main drag of Honalulu. Was the the first time I had ever seen prostitutes working the street. LOL. Someday I want to go back to Hawaii, but stay in much better digs than YWAM. LOL.

9. Most people think my parents just had me and my brother. When in fact, my parents had three children. I had a sister born almost exactly a year before me that died the day after she was born. I think it'll be awesome to meet my sister in heaven someday!

10. Someday I want to take an Alaskan cruise, hopefully when Disney has a West Coast Cruise Line and one of their cruises is an Alaskan cruise. Now THAT would be extra magical.

11. I've never smoked, nor have I been offered or done street drugs in my entire life. I am, however, a big fan of epidurals! :)

12. I have been the Room Mom for Hannah's class every year for the last four years. I have also been Rachel's Room Mom the last two years. It gets crazy for me around holiday party times, but I LOVE it!

13. I was raised in a Christian Home. I don't know anything different than living a Christian life. I was blessed that way.

14. I went to Elementary School in the very school that our church meets in. It's pretty weird sometimes having a church service where I ate lunch everyday of my school life for 6 years!

15. I like hosting the holidays. This past Christmas was one of the best - we had people coming and going all day and staying til almost midnight!

16. I am close to my Mom. Talk to her just about every day. Even at my age, I am so blessed my Mama is still a stay at home Mom!

17. I LOVE chocolate - Dove chocolate, See's - Nuts and Chews, Hershey's Bliss. None of that fancy, smancy stuff.

18. I love tent camping. Tent camping allows us to still get away, and yet, still allows us to have hotel vacations too!

19. I grew up not having a lot of friends. Which I believe is one of the reasons I don't require a lot of close friends now, as an adult.

20. I HATE cleaning the shower and mopping the floors. All the other household chores, I don't mind.

21. I am so thankful that my husband's job provides and allows for me to stay home and be a part of my children's school days when I am needed, and home for them after school. Despite how crazy it is between 2:30 and 5 with homework, dinner, etc.

22. Thanks to my husband, I have become a bit of an addict for the internet. I love to read blogs, write on my blogs, surf about. I have met many amazing and wonderful friends via the internet over the past 10 years. And have the privilege of meeting them in person.

23. I love Disneyland. There's a shocker, huh? Someday, when the girls are just a bit older, I would LOVE to go to WDW and visit the East Coast Mouse.

24. For years and years, I swore I didn't like cheesecake or cream cheese. Now...cheesecake is one of my most favorite desserts!

25. It's taken me about a week to come up with this Random List. I'm not one to just sit and talk about random stuff about me!


Kim said...

Ed just finished doing this tag as well and I had to help him come up with 25 things! LOL. (I don't generally do tags and after helping him with his, I remembered why I don't. Ha-ha.)

Number 25 on your list was a joke, right? You have a blog (that you update fairly regularly) which is almost entirely comprised of random things about you! :D

Darcy said...

#25 wasn't a joke.

The things I write about on my blog I put time and effort into writing about.

Coming up with these things to list was a lot of work.

Letti said...

That was really fun learning about you. I remember when you broke your collar bone. I also remember going to your house for brownie scouts.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.




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