Friday, January 23, 2009

Home Remedies

Home remedies can often sound strange and unappealing when suggested or read about. Often times these home remedies come from the older generations and are tried and true for some people. On others, they don't always work. These are just a couple of home remedies, I suppose considered homeopathic, that I've heard about in recent weeks.

Toothache put a piece of clove in between your teeth and bite down. The tooth ache supposedly goes away.

Ear pain - warm up some cooking oil, and dip a cotton ball into in it, and then place the cotton ball into your ear canal. The warm oil takes the pain out of the ear drum. Obviously you have to be careful as to how hot you warm the oil, etc.

The newest one I heard this week. WIthin twenty four hours two different people told me to put Vicks Vapor Rub on the bottoms of Rachel's feet and then put socks on to stop her constant (and ever so annoying) persistent cough. That one really had me baffled, but these people swore it worked. I didn't end up having to try it as Rachel's cough has pretty much diminished by now. But I'm going to remember that one, and I'm going to buy a new container of Vicks sometime soon to have on hand as well!

What are some home remedies you've tried or hear about?


Kim said...

Actually, oil of cloves put on a toothache was suggested by more than one dentist I worked for...but NOT biting on a clove. I kind of doubt that one. :D

So do you have a home remedy for a torn muscle? I think I tore something sneezing last night and it kills me to sneeze now!

Joy Howse said...

I have tried the clove thing - didn't work. :(

The Vicks thing - WORKS!!!! My MIL told me about it and I pretty much laughed in her face. Better bet I remembered it though when Andrew got one of those persistent, annoying coughs. It worked wonders.

Interested to see if you get any other suggestions on dealing with toothaches. This thing is killing me and I have to wait till Feb till we have some money. Might try and go through LLUMC to get it fixed cheaper. But, then I have to deal with students and that whole circus. Who knows.

Darcy said...

Sorry Kim, the only thing I can think of is to try to control the sneezes??

Joy - I've taken the girls to the Pediatrics dentistry at Loma Linda. They are very nice. Gentle. Just not covered on our insurance. I hope you can get that fixed soon. I feel for ya. You know I do! :)

Liz said...

Well this isn't a medicinal one, but I use white distilled vinegar in my Downy ball (instead of commercial fabric softener). Someone mentioned it several years ago & I was VERY leary as I hate the vinegar smell & couldn't FATHOM using that in my laundry. However, I decided to try it & WOW. I've never bought another bottle of liquid fabric softener since. It WORKS!! And it's sooooo much cheaper!

Sarah said...

Hey Darcy, We've tried the Vicks thing and it worked. However, IF you find it doesn't work, take a laxative, then you'll be afraid to cough. :)


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