Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History is Being Made

Whether or not you voted for the new President, history is being made today. Not only our we swearing in a new President, but it's the first Black President of the United States. Things have definitely changed in the last 60 years and it's exciting. Who's watching history in the making - whether it be on television, on the internet, or listening via the radio?


Joy Howse said...

I watched it, but was pretty upset to hear that my daughter's preschool teacher thought it was ok to show it to FOUR year olds!!! My whole issue with keeping adult issues for the adults seems to be rearing it's ugly head again. Maybe I am overreacting?

Darcy said...

Are you serious?? LOL. Rachel has no idea what was going on, Hannah understands, but barely.

Liz said...

My kids knew that it happened today, but none of them had any particular cares about watching or not watching it. They're all a little older than yours, though. (but not by much!)

I didn't vote for Pres. Obama and I can honestly say I still don't really like what he stands for, BUT I can really appreciate the significance of having our first black President. THAT is pretty awesome. He & Mrs. Obama are on my prayer list!

Darcy said...

I agree Liz.

And as Christians, we're called to pray for the leaders of our country, no matter what.