Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Going Digital Has Been Postponed

I heard on the news this morning that the Senate voted unanimously yesterday to postpone the nationwide transition to digital television that was suppose to take place on February 17th. The switch will now take affect on June 12.

The reason: not many people are prepared for the switch from analog television to digital.

Where have these people been for the last 18 months?? We've been hearing the warning of the switchover since mid-2007. Coupons for the converter boxes have been being issued since January 2008.

Honestly, it doesn't affect us, we've had satellite television for ten years, but what about the people who did plan ahead and prepare for the February 17th switchover? It just seems like people who plan and prepare always have to wait for those who don't. In more areas of life than just how television is broadcasted.

Edited to Add: As of this morning, 1/29, the Senate voted against the postponing. Therefore going digital WILL take place on February 17th!


Letti said...

I completely agree. Our country sure is backwords in some things.

Liz said...

Yeah, it won't effect us either b/c we're on cable, so no big deal here!

Joy Howse said...

That is just crazy. Dale said that he had heard they ran out of the coupon/vouchers they were passing out. They didn't think there were that many people out there with the old systems still. Good things come to those who wait once again.


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