Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ornament Party

I had planned to write about my ornament party at the beginning of the week, but with being down and out with food poisoning, I'm just now getting around to writing about the party.

The group of women invited to participate in this exchange made for a perfect group. I enjoy a lot of the women that were invited and yet, had a desire to get to know some of the others who were there I didn't quite know as well. It was a great afternoon of fun, fellowship, and festivities.

Kelly, the hostess, is a wonderful hostess when it comes to any event. We spent the 4th of July at their home and she was a great hostess then and it was no different for her Christmas ornament party. The party was done first class and with nice things and I for one really appreciated all the work she put into preparing.

All the ladies invited to participate did a great job at their ornaments. There were a few first timers and they did a great job at their ornaments. It'll be interesting to see what ornaments we get next year, now that we all know what to expect.

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Joy Howse said...

Very cute! Glad you had a wonderful time and really pray that you are feeling 100% by now.


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