Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Down and Out

It hit just before 5 am, and within an hour, I was certain it was food poisoning.

I had made a dip to take to my ornament party the afternoon before and when the party was over, I took the remains to my brother's house where the family had gathered to celebrate McKenzie's birthday. The dip had been out all afternoon and had mayonnaise in it and I was 100% certain that was the cause of my disposition.

I spent the entire day quarantined, just in case it wasn't food poisoning, in our room, laying in bed literally all day, catching up on Lifetime and Hallmark movies that had been stacking up on our TiVo. Towards the end of the day I was feeling better, just tired and sore from laying in bed all day.

My wonderful husband was so good to check in on me from time to time seeing if I needed anything, making sure I had water and pushing me to stay hydrated. He took Hannah to and from school and fed the girls dinner and did the dishes that had stacked up from our extremely busy weekend.

This morning, I got up before 5:30. I simply could no longer lay in bed. I am feeling more and more better as the morning goes on, just kinda foggy headed from not being as hydrated as I should. Steven has once again taken Hannah to school, and I think Rachel has talked him into taking her to school as well.

The goal for today is to take it easy. Not lay in bed all day, but to just take it easy. I have some things I need to get done and a grocery list is a very high priority on the list of things to do, as we are just about out of everything.

Once again a lesson has been learned, the hard way, not to eat food that's been out for any great length of time.


Kim said...

Food poisoning is no fun. I've had it twice, and the first time I thought I was going to die...literally. I'm glad you're feeling better though!

(Maybe it was just a bug? When I've had food poisoning, it's always hit me immediately, not hours later. The first time I started to feel sick BEFORE I was finished eating! Ask Steven, I bet he even remembers it as he was with me at Sizzler when I got it! :D)

Joy Howse said...

I hope that you are feeling 100% soon!! The only time I had food poisonin was when I was 38 weeks preggo with Alexis and the pain sent me into labor. NO FUN AT ALL!! And no more mayo for you lady. :)

Darcy said...

Despite there being a flu going around, I'm pretty sure this was food poisoning. The last time I had food poisoning, it happened just like this...hit me hours later.

Liz said...

Poor Darcy! I'm glad you're feeling better!

Ashleigh Baker said...

Aw, so sorry you've been feeling icky. :( We had a church Christmas party Friday night and something I ate there just made me feel gross for the whole next day. I'm always a little skeptical at potluck type things, but don't usually have a problem. Hope you got some good rest, lots of Hallmark movies watched and you're feeling better!


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