Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Camping Out for Black Friday!

Thanksgiving is two days away.

Black Friday is three days away.

But would you believe when we went to Best Buy this afternoon, around 4:00, there are already people camping out for the store opening on Black Friday!?!?!? Tent, complete with bedding and blankets inside. Just to make sure I was right in what I was thinking, I asked them if they were camping out for Black Friday, they said yes! Steven had said a few days ago when the ad first became available online that there really wasn't anything THAT spectacular on the Best Buy Black Friday ad. Obviously these guys must think there's something worth camping out for three days for, let alone missing Thanksgiving dinner!!

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Joy Howse said...

That is just craziness!! There is NOTHING worth camping out for in my mind at any store. I will be cozy in my bed that morning, that is till one of the A team decides to wake me up for the day (which has been Aiden this whole week so far at 5 am!!) HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!


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