Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Santa Ana Winds

Southern California has had the first bought of the Santa Ana winds in recent days. And thus, Fall is officially here.

The Santa Ana winds often cause a lot of problems - downed power lines, leaves and dirt EVERYWHERE, downed trees, and it aids to the rapid movement of fires. And personally, the winds wreck havoc on my sinuses and allergies, and often leaves me with a headache.

Our patio was a mess after this last wind storm. Leaves and dirt were everywhere - our patio, my bakers rack, and atop our patio table. Truthfully, this picture doesn't give the mess justice. LOL.However, if there's one positive thing to come out of having the Santa Ana Winds grace us with it's presence, it's the beautiful view we get as a result. The smog has been blown away leaving us clear, blue, and beautiful skies, with a perfect view of the surrounding mountains.
The San Bernardino Mountains after our recent winds.

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Joy Howse said...

Gotta love the sinus issues that come as a result of the Santa Ana winds. We almost lost our backyard fence when they kicked up the other day. Poor Alexis and Andrew are really feeling the change, with runny noses and cough kicking up too. Despite all of that this is my favorite time of the year. Getting cooler and crunchy leaves. :)


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