Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Camping Trip

We arrived to the campground late Friday afternoon and after determining that it'd be a tight squeeze with our tent on the site we were suppose to be on, we were invited to pitch our tent and set up camp on the site of other friends. Their site had a whole lot more room. As it is, we could have fit another tent on it, if the maximum amount of people wasn't set at 8 people. Our Friday evening was spent relaxing around the campfire and playing games. And just fellow-shipping with our friends. In most of the men's cases, like Steven, they are so busy setting up and attending to their ministry obligations that they rarely get time to talk and fellowship with others at church on Sunday. Going camping with people you enjoy being around makes for nice fellowship throughout the day and in the evenings.Saturday, the wind blew all day. Late morning, most everyone headed down to the beach. I stayed behind with a friend and we played a card game in her trailer. That was fun. Early afternoon, our friends, Keith, Amy, and their daughter Bethany, joined us for the remainder of the day. It was nice to have them come down and share in our camping experience. Saturday evening, we had the best fajita/carne asada/Mexican food buffet. There were twenty six of us for dinner and the evening of games that followed was a blast!Some of our friends were staying through Monday, some of our friends reserved their sites through Monday but leaving on Sunday. Reserving the site through Monday meant no one had to be off the site by the noon check out time and no one would be waiting for the site. Essentially they could leave as late as they wanted. We were on the site of friends who were staying through Monday, but either way, we didn't have to rush to pack up and get off the site by noon, which was nice. The extra time allowed for a few more hours spent on the beach building sand castles, or another rip roaring game of Phase 10 or Mexican Train Dominoes.We eventually packed up and loaded up the van. It was just after 5:00 before we were pulling out of the campground. Having Uncle Bart live only a mile up the street, we met him for dinner, and then headed for home. Our camping gear is orgainized enough now that we can have the car unloaded and everything back in it's place within half an hour. All that's left is the laundry and unpacking of the ice chest and unused food.

This was our fourth camping trip this year. Four times just since the first weekend in June. I really enjoy camping and it's all become so easy with how prepared we are and all we've acquired. But like Steven said, he's ready for a hotel vacation, and so am I! LOL.

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Mishel said...

Looks like so much fun! But yeah, I'd be ready for a hotel vacation too! I love camping...but sometimes you just want someone else to do the cooking and cleaning! : )


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