Friday, October 24, 2008

Being Fingerprinted

I recently had to be fingerprinted. The school district has recently implemented that all parent/grandparent volunteers that wish to work in the classrooms, go on field trips, be involved in the school day on school grounds be fingerprinted. Honestly, I think it's great and it's just another way to insure the safety of our children.

I was fingerprinted years and years ago when the church required you to be fingerprinted to work in the Children's Ministry, but "back then", it was the old fashioned way of sticking each finger on to an ink pad and then placing the finger on paper for the print.

Not these days.

These days it's all done electronically. You placed your finger on this little scanning pad and it automatically scanned your print into the computer and came up on the screen. It was pretty cool...and so CSI-like. My prints will automatically be sent to the Department of Justice through the computer system and results should be back next week sometime.

Just another modern marvel of technology.

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