Monday, September 8, 2008


When we first got married, it was agreed upon that there are two things you just don't skimp on:

Toliet Paper
Macaroni & Cheese

I discovered something else to be added to that list:


Enough Said. LOL. Do you have a list of items you absolutely won't skimp on by buying generic, or an off brand??


Anonymous said...

costco paper towels....only!!! :o)

Amy :o)

Jon and alyssa said...

Not skimping on toilet paper is a must! I have found the better brand dish soap lasts longer, Landry detergent, and softener.

Anonymous said...

Shoes ~ only the best and most comfortable for the kids. Never Payless/Walmart shoes, EVER!!!


Liz said...

Ya know, on most things I'm not brand name conscious but there are a few items I refuse to use the generic forms of...because they just don't work as well!

I only buy double rolls on TP b/c the single ply rolls run out too fast!

I only use Viva paper towels. It can take us 2.5 weeks to go through 1 roll, where as the cheapy rolls barely last a week. If that.

I, too, am a tampon snob, only buying one particular brand.


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