Friday, August 1, 2008

A Tragedy Used to Bring Glory

Today was the memorial service for Christopher Laurie.

It was broadcasted via the web on the Harvest website. Like tons of other people, we watched it.

It was glorious. Simply glorious.

It was a beautiful time of worship. A beautifully put together montage of pictures and videos in remembrance of Christopher and his life. A blessed message by Pastor Skip Hetzig (one of my long time favs). Words of remembrance from a friend. Special music from Marty Goetz. Words concerning death by Pastor Chuck Smith. A wonderfully appropriate song by Crystal Lewis, one of her signature songs, "Our Redeemer Lives".

And to close out the service, Pastor Greg said a few words, ending the service with giving people the opportunity to give their lives to Jesus, giving them the opportunity to go to Heaven like Christopher did when their time comes.

While it was a service memorializing Christopher, it was a time of giving God the glory, despite the tragedy.

To watch the archived Memorial service, or donate to the Christopher Laurie Memorial Fund, visit

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Mishel said...

Thanks for sharing this Darcy. Even though we were out of town, I thought about and prayed for them on Friday.


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